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aturon’s Rust sponsorship list

Patreon GitHub Interests
Leonardo Yvens @leodasvacas rustc (trait system), community work
Aleksey Kladov @matklad IDEs, Cargo, rustc
Grey Mitchell @QuietMisdreavus rustdoc, documentation
Igor Matuszewski @Xanewok RLS and other dev tools
Stjepan Glavina @stjepang crossbeam, all things Rust concurrency
Jorge Aparicio @japaric Rust on embedded devices
Chris Krycho @chriskrycho New Rustacean podcast
Matthias Endler @mre Hello Rust! live-coding show
Peter Atashian @retep998 winapi
Pierre Krieger @tomaka graphics APIs, audio APIs, Android packaging
Florian Gilcher @skade RustFest conferences, Community team, Events team lead

Rust and its ecosystem is developed by a diverse mix of staff (from a variety of companies) and volunteers, from all over the world and with a range of circumstances. And “developed” goes far beyond code, to include documentation, podcasts, community work, and more.

People and companies often ask how they can give back to the community and sponsor important work in the Rust world. I think the best approach is to provide direct “match-making” between sponsors and people doing valuable work, making it possible for sponsors to direct their funds and making the individuals more visible.

This page is a first attempt at facilitating sponsorship. This is not an officially endorsed list, but it is a list of Rustaceans that I have personally vetted and sponsored, and encourage you to support. Each of them has a long, public history of impactful work in the community.

Use the Patreon links to sponsor individuals, contact them directly for contract work, or write me at aturon@mozilla.com to find another arrangement.

If you’re interested in being vetted for this list, please reach out.

Leonardo Yvens (@leodasvacas)

Interests: rustc (trait system), community work


Aleksey Kladov (@matklad)

Interests: IDEs, Cargo, rustc


Grey Mitchell (@QuietMisdreavus)

Interests: rustdoc, documentation


Igor Matuszewski (@Xanewok)

Interests: RLS and other dev tools


Stjepan Glavina (@stjepang)

Interests: crossbeam, all things Rust concurrency


Jorge Aparicio (@japaric)

Interests: Rust on embedded devices


I want Rust to become a major player in the field of embedded systems as I believe it holds so much potential to improve the status quo. To that effect, I have been doing a bunch of groundwork in this area. Here’s some of my recent work:

But there’s still lots of ecosystem and tooling work to do! Among my ongoing work you’ll find:

Chris Krycho (@chriskrycho)

Interests: New Rustacean podcast


A show by @chriskrycho about learning @RustLang. Technical—but approachable! Topical deep dives, interviews, crate overviews, and more.

Matthias Endler (@mre)

Interests: Hello Rust! live-coding show


A live-coding show about Rust, targeted towards intermediate Rust programmers who have already read the Rust book and want to learn advanced patterns and tricks as well as how to write ergonomic code in Rust.

Peter Atashian (@retep998)

Interests: winapi


The winapi crate provides raw FFI bindings to all of Windows API. They are gathered by hand using the Windows 10 SDK from Microsoft

Pierre Krieger (@tomaka)

Interests: graphics APIs, audio APIs, Android packaging


(more projects detailed in the Patreon page)