Output from functions and methods

Don't overpromise. [FIXME]

[FIXME] Add discussion of overly-specific return types, e.g. returning a compound iterator type rather than hiding it behind a use of newtype.

Let clients choose what to throw away. [FIXME: needs RFC]

Return useful intermediate results:

Many functions that answer a question also compute interesting related data. If this data is potentially of interest to the client, consider exposing it in the API.


struct SearchResult {
    found: bool,          // item in container?
    expected_index: uint  // what would the item's index be?

fn binary_search(&self, k: Key) -> SearchResult


fn binary_search(&self, k: Key) -> (bool, uint)


fn binary_search(&self, k: Key) -> bool

Yield back ownership:


fn from_utf8_owned(vv: Vec<u8>) -> Result<String, Vec<u8>>


fn from_utf8_owned(vv: Vec<u8>) -> Option<String>

The from_utf8_owned function gains ownership of a vector. In the successful case, the function consumes its input, returning an owned string without allocating or copying. In the unsuccessful case, however, the function returns back ownership of the original slice.